My Adventure To Linlithgow

Hello, folks!

Last Friday I took a day trip to Linlithgow which is in West Lothian. Debby and I were going through to visit my friend Sonia in her lovely new flat. We always get so much done on our day trips and this time we went to visit Linlithgow Palace and St Michael’s Parish Church.

It was a bit of an early start because I stay about half an hour to 40 minutes away by train to Glasgow, it was also raining but I was armed with my brolly and headphones. I promise I was a lot happier once I was on the train and out the wind and rain.

Linlithgow Palace was great and as per usual I wandered off and got lost for a little while. You can watch the video of me stumbling around the place in the video on the Happy Lippy Facebook page before I end up trying to find my friends. I also have some great pictures too, I’d recommend giving the palace a visit next time you’re through, and make sure you climb the 160 steps to get to the top.

St Michael’s was probably the most beautiful church I have seen yet, in fact it’s so beautiful there is a 2-year waiting list to get married there. So you should probably book the place and then go find your partner. My favorite part of the whole place was the stunning stained glass windows.


Thanks for reading guys. Check out the video on my Facebook Page! Follow me on Twitter at @HappyLippy01 and on Instagram at @HappyLippy01.



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