Will period emoji’s really break the taboo? #BreakTheTaboo

Pretty much every woman who menstruates I’ve spoken to describes their first period as ‘the day I became a woman’. It’s like this almighty secret we all share but secretly you are kind of proud to have reached that milestone as well as some embarrassment about having to have a ‘special drawer’ in the bathroom now.

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Mike Pence and Planned Parenthood

Mike Pence – passionate abortion, LGBTQ, and women’s rights opponent – will soon be receiving more than 46,000 thankyou notes for donations made in his name to Planned Parenthood.

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Trade Unions Need To Be Feminist

“Job experts said that no woman could do boring, screwing a breech ring for the barrel of a six-pounder tank gun in a giant lathe, but Miss Megan Lewis, 22… has been doing it at the ordnance factory where 80% of machine operatives are women. She said, ‘I learned by watching the setter at the machine. Officials were astounded.” – Women’s Own, a feature in 1943

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