Travelling to uni and Catcalling *Meow*

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and having a lovely day. So today was one of the many days I was travelling to university in Glasgow city center and when I got there I realized it was one of the few days someone had not shouted something at me or demanded my attention in some way. Continue reading “Travelling to uni and Catcalling *Meow*”

Drinking Vodka and Stamping Out Prejudice

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday. Last night I was out for dinner and drinks for a friends birthday, I was with people from school and some I’ve met only since leaving school. Vodka made an appearance and as you can imagine it was the life and soul of the party. Continue reading “Drinking Vodka and Stamping Out Prejudice”

Crochet Boobs and Sexualisation of Women

Hello everyone,

So as part of my university course me and my class mates have to split off into groups for a health fair. We each pick an important topic to do with health and set up a stall to raise awareness and provide important information. Continue reading “Crochet Boobs and Sexualisation of Women”

Netflix, Chill and Gender Norms

Hey everyone,

So over the past few weeks Stephen and I’s┬ádate nights have involved raiding the film section in Tesco. We’ve watched Legend, Macbeth and Valentine’s day was all about Deadpool. Continue reading “Netflix, Chill and Gender Norms”